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Is Turf Too Hot For Florida Summers?

Artificial grass is an ideal choice for property owners who want to cut down their maintenance costs. It's also a great option if you live in sunny Central Florida, as it can maintain its color and life even during the summer months when natural grass would fade away due to the heat. However, there are some concerns with this type of surface - one being how hot artificial surfaces get compared to natural ones.

Let Delaturf Help you Decide Which Infill is Right for Your Property.


Will it Burn?

Artificial grass is made using advanced production technology. The material with which they are created will get hot, but not to an extent that it can burn you or your pets’ feet no matter how hot summer days might be! Artificial lawns are created in different grades of quality; top-grade artificial turf performs better than low-grade products in every way imaginable - including performance sustainability over time.

Infill Choices

Choosing the right material for infill can have a major impact on how well your artificial grass performs. Different options include crumb rubber, silica extract, and sand; each one functions in different ways to help regulate temperature levels within an environment but ultimately deciding what's most suitable depends entirely upon personal preference!

The sand options are a great choice for the infill material because they do not absorb too much heat and lose it quickly. This means that you can keep your lawn cool, even during hot summer days!


If you want a cool, refreshing lawn in the summertime then try adding some shade options like trees around your yard, or don’t trim your existing trees. If that doesn't sound too appealing or if maintaining leaf litter is not something that interests you at all - consider installing a canopy or pergola instead!


If you're looking to quickly cool your artificial lawn, spraying it down with water will help. The turf is able to dissipate the heat from being beneath its surface and reach much more evenly throughout itself so that's why this method works!

Looking For a Way to Keep Your Lawn Cooler This Summer?

Synthetic turf has been designed to stay cooler than natural grass, so it’s the ideal surface on which to play sports or relax outdoors during those long, hot days of summer. The blades are made from UV-resistant polyethylene that won’t fade or discolor when exposed to sunlight, even after months of use. This means they look just as good at the end of the season as they did at the beginning – no need for expensive replacement every year! And because our artificial grass doesn’t require watering, mowing, or fertilizing, there’s less work involved all around.

Artificial grass is the perfect solution. It requires little maintenance and stays like new for longer. You can get in touch with Delaturf any time if you have any queries about what you should do if you find your artificial lawn in the rare situation of getting too hot in summer, we can help your lawn stay cool.

Let DelaTurf Make Your Lawn Maintenance-Free.


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