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Maintaining Pet Artificial Turf

In Central Florida, we are no strangers to the hot and humid summers. With so much time spent outdoors, it's important to have a cool place for our pets to relax. For many of us, artificial turf is the perfect solution! Pets can run and play without getting dirty, and it's easy to keep clean.

However, it's important to maintain artificial turf properly in order to ensure that it stays looking its best - especially if you have furry friends who like to leave their mark! Here are a few tips on how to keep your artificial turf looking great all summer long for your entire family.


Clean Up

Artificial turf is pretty much the same as traditional lawns when it comes to pets using it for a bathroom. There is no need to worry about ever cleaning urine from your artificial grass because it drains away through the ground just like rainwater.

Any poop should be picked up almost immediately after to prevent a larger mess from occurring. After using baggies or a shovel you can simply rinse off the turf with your hose for any residual mess.

Pet Odor?

The best way to get rid of pet urine odor is with a simple solution like soap and water or dish detergent. First, hose down the turf area thoroughly until it's nice and wet so that you can add dish soap after to help clean and deodorize the area. You may want to scrub high-traffic areas to help clean the area more thoroughly.

If the smell still lingers you can repeat the process above or research artificial turf deodorizer.

Hardened Poop?

Sometimes you can’t always pick up after your pet and you let the poop harden on your artificial lawn, which does create more work for you than you intended.

One simple solution to deal with hardened poop is to spray it from a hose, making the poo softer and easier for you to scoop up. Once picked up, use your hose or possibly scrub brush in order to get rid of any waste left behind!

Pet Paradise

Many kennel or doggy daycares have switched to artificial turf for their customers. Artificial Turf can tolerate the high traffic rate of playtime while requiring very little maintenance from staff so they can focus on their clients, your dog!

Clean Place to Play

Artificial turf is a great solution for keeping clean and safe for dogs without any of the hassles of a traditional lawn. If your dog loves the outdoors just as much as you do, then they need their own space to enjoy it. That's where artificial turf comes in! Artificial grass is easy to install and maintain so that both of you can spend more time enjoying the great outdoors together.

Delaturf provides quality artificial lawns at affordable prices for your business or home. Our designs are unique and our installation process is quick and professional. If you or someone you know lives in Central Florida and is considering artificial grass, give DelaTurf a call today for your free consultation!

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