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9 Benefits of Installing Artificial Turf on a Sports Field

Installing new turf on a sports field can provide many benefits for athletes and spectators alike. Improved safety, unbeatable aesthetics, and reduced maintenance are a few notable benefits — but these are far from the only perks of installing artificial grass. Whether you're refreshing your existing turf or making the switch from natural grass, new artificial turf is worth the initial investment.

In this blog, the team at DelaTurf will outline nine benefits of artificial grass that make it more than worth it to install new turf on your sports field. Read on to see why it's time to install new artificial turf!

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Take Your Team to the Next Level with Artificial Turf


Benefits of Artificial Grass on a Sports Field

  1. Improved safety for athletes

  2. Save money and energy by switching to artificial grass

  3. Increased playing time for athletes

  4. More uniform playing surface

  5. Improved drainage properties

  6. Reduced environmental impact

  7. Easier installation process

  8. Realistic appearance

  9. Greater durability

1. Improved Safety for Athletes

Field sports — like football, soccer, and lacrosse — force athletes to make quick directional changes, which can lead to serious injury. To reduce the risk of injury, facilities should consider installing artificial turf. Synthetic turf drains better than real grass, meaning less opportunity for harmful muddy patches.

2. Save Money and Energy

Facilities that have already made the switch to artificial grass know that turf is a time, money, and energy-saving solution. From reduced lawn maintenance (no lawnmowers necessary!) to a reduced water bill, artificial grass is more maintenance-free and energy-efficient than natural grass.

3. Increased Playing Time for Athletes

Artificial grass sports fields are the ideal choice for year-round usage. In even the heaviest of rains, the improved drainage properties of turf ensure there is no mud or pooling obstructing gameplay. Further, lack of maintenance means there is no preparation needed. Athletes can show up, stretch, and hit the artificial grass field.

4. More Uniform Playing Surface

Whereas a traditional lawn on a sports field may get torn up from cleats, synthetic grass retains a uniform playing surface game after game. In addition to improving the appearance of a field, this also makes the field safer for athletes.

5. Improved Drainage Properties

During Central Florida summers (and most of the rest of the year,) sports fields are bound to be hit by heavy rains at least once a day. While this is good for the health of a natural grass lawn, inefficient draining means the field is unusable for hours after a storm. Synthetic turf, on the other hand, is designed to drain water — so athletes can get back to playing or practicing shortly after the rain subsides.

6. Reduced Environmental Impact

According to Penn State University, a natural grass sports field should be mowed a minimum of twice a week. While electric mowers exist, most facilities use large gas mowers — which spew out harmful chemicals and CO2, according to the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA). Synthetic grass, on the other hand, requires minimal lawn maintenance and very little water. Therefore, artificial turf is perfect for facilities interested in saving money, using less energy, and looking after the environment.

7. Easier Installation Process

Natural grass and synthetic grass sports fields are both installed by rolling out massive rolls of grass or turf which are then cut down to the proper shape, but sod can require weeks of watering prior to being usable. Once artificial turf is installed, it is ready to be used — no waiting period necessary.

8. Realistic Appearance

While the word "synthetic" may sound like "fake," artificial turf is incredibly realistic in both look and feel. DelaTurf only uses turf made from the highest-quality materials — ensuring an artificial turf sports field has a beautiful, realistic look all year long.

9. Greater Durability

Cleats, slides, and tackles all have an impact on a sports field, and it doesn't take long for brand new sod to start to look run-down. Artificial turf has increased durability and less upkeep, meaning the field will look championship-ready every day.

Reap the Benefits of Artificial Grass from DelaTurf

While artificial grass requires a larger initial investment than natural grass lawns, the long-run savings and benefits make it a worthwhile investment.

To take advantage of the benefits of artificial turf and see if synthetic grass is the right fit for your facility, contact the professionals at DelaTurf by dialing (407) 225-4288 or complete our online contact form for a free estimate.


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