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Artificial Turf Around Swimming Pools: 4 Reasons Why It's Better Than Grass

Many people are looking for ways to improve their home's beauty. One way is by adding an artificial lawn around your pool. If you are a Central Florida homeowner that has a pool in their backyard - we think you need to ditch that regular grass for custom-designed artificial grass from DelaTurf. Need a little bit more convincing than that? Well, today we have highlighted four reasons why you should choose artificial turf instead of regular grass for the backyard areas that surround your swimming pool.


Imagine this scenario: you’ve just purchased a new home with an in-ground swimming pool. You want your children to have the opportunity to enjoy it, so you start looking for landscaping services companies that offer artificial turf around pools. DelaTurf is one of Central Florida's leading experts when it comes to installing synthetic grass around swimming pools, and we are more than happy to take on the job!

Why Choose Artificial Turf Over Grass for Your Pool Area?

Artificial turf has many benefits over regular grass; today we will discuss 4 reasons why DelaTurf recommends using artificial turf instead of regular grass.

  • 1) Artificial Turf Doesn't Require Maintenance

  • 2) Artificial Turf Is Safer Than Regular Grass

  • 3) Artificial Turf Drains Water More Efficiently

  • 4) Artificial Turf More Durable Than Grass

Hassle-Free Maintenance

It doesn't take much to keep synthetic turf in top condition. You just need to remove any waste from its surface, hose it down occasionally and brush the grass blades up so they stay upright with a hand-held or cordless electric sweeper. Feel free also wash off any lingering smells using soap but don’t worry, using soapy water won't damage your beautiful turf.

Safer for Kids, Guests & Pets

Synthetic turf is an excellent choice for poolsides as it will not get slippery when you walk or run over the surface with wet feet. This makes it ideal in terms of safety and there’s no risk that somebody could fall on marble or tile pavements which have a higher chance of causing a serious injury due to their slickness - especially when wet.

If a fall were to occur on the turf, accidents are more easily absorbed onto pads made from synthetic material than natural surfaces making them safer options if considering this factor alone!

Less Mess With Turf

Artificial turf covers the ground, so you won’t have to deal with dirt and grass clippings getting into your pool. This is an especially big issue for those who like swimming on weekends when they might get some mucky shoes from going out after a long day at work or just enjoying life by walking around outside in their backyard before dinner time! Turf also helps protect your pool from harsh chemicals, because there is no runoff of the pesticides that are normally in regular grass, so you can enjoy a cleaner environment around your swimming pool.

Turf is Tough

You can have as many friends over for a pool party and not worry about your artificial grass being damaged under heavy use. It won’t wear down or rot as real grass does, so feel free to invite everyone to your next pool party with no fear of having a torn-up yard afterward. Synthetic turf is a durable surface that you can put in any environment. It will withstand the elements and still look good as new, even if it rains or floods! Even though we are in Florida, If your backyard gets frosted over during a cold front during the winter, wait until the sun comes out to thaw out the ground then rinse off all debris from around the pool so artificial grass stays clean without worrying about being damaged by these rare cold conditions.

Central Florida Artificial Turf Experts - DelaTurf

If you are looking to turn your backyard pool area into a real-life hassle-free oasis - give DelaTurf a call today to learn more about what we can do for your outdoor living space. We provide all of our potential customers with free quotes!

The Grass is ALWAYS Greener with DelaTurf


DelaTurf services the following areas:

Orange County, Seminole County, Lake County, Osceola County, Volusia County, and Broward County. Our team commonly operates in Metro West, Doctor Phillips, Windermere, Kissimmee, Winter Garden, Gotha, Oviedo, Oakland, Apopka, College Park, Winter Park, Sorrento, Longwood, Altamonte Springs, Lake Mary, Heathrow, & Sanford.


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