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6 Reasons to Switch Your Yard from Grass to Artificial Turf

If you are looking for custom artificial turf in Orlando, then look no further. We have artificial grass that will suit your needs and also the environment. This blog post is about 6 reasons to switch from natural grass to artificial turf. It's an eco-friendly way to keep your lawn looking great without all the maintenance work! There are lots of ways to utilize artificial grass, from pet turf to backyard putting greens and even playground turf - DelaTurf is your highest-rated artificial turf installer in Orlando Florida.

Artificial Turf Orlando FL - DelaTurf synthetic turf experts

Highlighted Reasons to Switch From Real Grass to Synthetic Grass

  • Less watering: Quality artificial grass will provide you with a means of conserving water. Lower the water bill at your home or facility. It's as simple as that!

  • Fewer allergens: Natural grass collects and produces allergens that become airborne when your team is on the field. Some strains of grass leave you feeling itchy, not artificial turf!

  • No fertilizers: Cut the costs of your yard or field maintenance. Artificial grass requires no fertilizers. That means no upkeep!

  • No pesticides: Perhaps more concerning for your family, pet's, or guest's health than fertilizers – pesticides contain a bevy of dangerous chemicals. Avoid them with artificial turf.

  • No standing water: Artificial grass is designed to drain away any excess water. That means no mosquitoes. Which is a big deal in Florida!

  • Less maintenance: Tire of the weekend grind to keep your yard clean? Little-to-no maintenance has a nice ring to it.

Less Watering

The first reason why DelaTurf recommends having artificial grass over regular grass is that less watering will be needed. Artificial turf is a green, eco-friendly solution for water conservation. It can save you money on your utility bill and provide you with the perfect lawn year-round! Artificial turf was originally designed to withstand high-use sports fields like football or soccer but it has been adapted as an outdoor living space in recent years because of its versatility and low maintenance needs.

Customers in Orlando Florida that have made the switch to artificial grass have told us that switching to turf has saved them as much as 70% on their water bill during some months. If you are looking to make the switch to synthetic turf in Orlando - give us a call today to request a free quote on your next project! DelaTurf is the top-rated artificial turf installers in Orlando Florida.

Fewer Allergens

The second reason why artificial turf is better than natural grass is the fewer allergen effects. Natural green lawns collect and produce allergens that become airborne when there's activity on the field - some strains of green leave us feeling itchy while artificial turfs do not carry these effects!

Artificial grass is an excellent alternative to natural grass if you suffer from allergies or have a family member who does. Artificial turf contains no allergens that could trigger your allergic reaction, and it doesn't produce any pollen for others to breathe in as regular grass would! Making your property a safe space for those who suffer from allergies is definitely a huge plus for any homeowner in the Central Florida area - all thanks to fake grass!

If you have young children who suffer from seasonal allergies - You might not realize that it is your grass field causing them to feel so uncomfortable after a few hours of playing outside. Real grass can produce allergens that become airborne when athletes are playing on the lawn, and some strains of turf leave players feeling like they're covered in bugs! Artificial fields do an excellent job at keeping allergen levels down for more comfort while still providing plenty of space for fun activities. DelaTurf can design synthetic grass to work perfectly with any possible layout - even playground turf for the little ones!

No Fertilizers

The third reason to switch from regular grass to artificial turf is no fertilizers. Cut the costs of your yard or field maintenance with a simple, easy-to-maintain surface that requires zero fertilizer treatments and has none of the headaches associated with overgrown weeds!

Synthetic grass is the perfect solution for any residential, commercial property, or sports coach that is trying to stick to a tight budget. No fertilizers? Who doesn't want that! Not only will you save money on fertilizer and other chemicals but also time by not having to water your lawn as often. You can always find artificial grass at an affordable price when choosing it over regular greenery for these reasons: fewer maintenance costs and more savings in watering bills too!

No Pesticides

The fourth reason to switch from regular grass to artificial turf is the lack of pesticides. Recently, there has been an increase in demand for artificial turf all across Central Florida. Whether you live in Winter Park or Winter Garden, switching to artificial turf is the most environmentally friendly option for your lawn.

Chemical runoff is a real problem these days in Orlando Florida around residential and agricultural communities. Switching to synthetic turf is the green environmentally-friendly choice. Synthetic turf is also more durable than grass so it can resist wear from extreme weather conditions like cold winters and hot summers. Our team of artificial turf installers only uses natural materials during install jobs.

No Standing Water

The fifth reason why it's worth switching from regular old-fashioned grass to fake greenery is that there will be no more worries of stagnant pools forming on your lawn during those heat waves when the air sucks all moisture out of everything around us! Artificial turf drains away any excess liquid so even if we get some crazy weather conditions during our summers (like Florida often gets), you'll still enjoy being outdoors without worrying about mosquitos coming after you.

Artificial turf is an inexpensive way to keep your lawn green and lush year-round. No matter how hot or dry, artificial grass won't fade in the sun as regular grass does! Since mosquitoes love standing water, this means you never have to worry about a pesky mosquito bite again with artificial turf.

Less Overall Maintenance

The last reason you should switch from regular grass to artificial grass is how little work it takes. Tired of spending your weekends constantly tending your yard? Little-to-no upkeep has an appealing ring to it. Keep your fake grass green 24/7 without lifting a finger.

Artificial grass is the perfect solution for those who want to spend less time maintaining their lawn. It's a one-time installation that requires no mowing, watering, or fertilizing!

Why Turf?

It's simple to understand the benefits of synthetic turf or artificial grass. Whether you're looking for low upkeep, better irrigation solutions, or a more appealing aesthetic – DelaTurf can help with that.

Our team of experts will give you a free estimate and consultation so you can make the best-informed decision when selecting the right placement, product type, or color for your artificial turf or synthetic grass.

We offer the highest quality at the most affordable price – which means your pet turf, playground turf, sports field, putting green, or indoor/outdoor facility will be beautiful year around at the lowest possible investment cost. Supporting DelaTurf means supporting the only local supplier of artificial grass/artificial turf in Orlando.

The Grass is ALWAYS Greener with DelaTurf Call or Click Today for a FREE Custom Turf Quote


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