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How to Avoid Damaging Your Artificial Turf

While synthetic turf is gorgeous and typically needs very little maintenance there are ways to still damage your investment. There are a number of things that can cause damage to your turf. Some people may not even realize they’re doing it! Here are some ways to ensure your artificial grass always stays green.

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Heat Damage

You may have heard that synthetic grass is made from plastic polymers and can flame up in a traditional sense, but it also melts when exposed to extreme heat. When considering other elements of your backyard – if you keep an open fire pit or grill there are risks for accidental burning because embers will fly into the ground causing damage. Similarly, candles or tiki torches can also cause damage to the turf below if unattended.

The sun's harsh rays can also cause a melted spot in your turf if it is reflected off of windows in your home. To protect your lawn, look for signs that direct light is causing this and consider ways to shield it with shade such as with a trellis or tree.


Although turf is easy to clean, it's important that you be mindful of the caustic chemicals found in many petroleum products and avoid them when possible. These types can dissolve your grass blades or oil-based paints soak into deep layers below where they're applied which makes removing even more difficult than normal paint stains would otherwise require; acrylic paintings are less harmful because their water base means we don't have to worry about any chemical dissolution harming your beautiful yard.

Be sure to keep DIY projects off of your artificial turf, spray paint will definitely damage your turf! Also in order to keep your tiki torches from posing a potential fire hazard, be sure that they are filled far enough away from your turf.

Don’t Cut Your Lawn!

Rips and tears are the most common damage to artificial turf. All garden tools can cut through artificial turf. It is advisable to put down a towel or other barrier between your turf and your tools. Be sure to monitor your guests with high heels as well! These smaller sharper souls can drag along the surface of your turf and rip it as well.

Synthetic turf is super tough and requires nearly no regular maintenance, but the key to ensuring it lasts a long life is to learn what causes damage and take steps to prevent it from occurring! Some guests may not be aware of how their actions could impact your synthetic lawn – a quick “word to the wise” when they arrive will protect your investment and save them from embarrassment.

You can use this guide as an easy reference tool that will help you avoid common faux pas with synthetic grass. We hope these tips are helpful in keeping your yard looking great for years!

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