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How to Keep Your Outdoor Entertainment Alive All Year with Turf

One of the best reasons for residing in Central Florida is the unmatched ability to enjoy outdoor living, activities, and entertainment all year. But with the heat and humidity, it can be difficult to keep things going for long without sweating up a storm. Many homeowners, however, are making the switch to artificial turf and transforming their backyard and outdoor living space into a beautiful and functional areas all year – no matter what the weather is like. Here is how to make the most of your outdoor living area for plenty of outdoor fun.

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The Grass is ALWAYS Greener with DelaTurf


The Perfect Surface For Year-Round Entertainment in Your Outdoor Space

Artificial turf or synthetic grass lawn makes the perfect surface for year-round entertainment outdoors. With countless variations and colors, DelaTurf makes versatile and beautiful options for all of your event hosting needs. From hosting birthday parties, family get-togethers, or backyard barbecues, you can instantly elevate your ability to entertain outdoors with the installation of artificial turf. Artificial grass can be custom-designed and installed in any shape or size to help create the perfect event landscape for your needs.

The best part is that you can use your turf area all year, no matter what the weather is like. In addition to being resistant to heat and humidity, artificial turf is also resistant to rain and even light snow. So whether you’re looking to enjoy a game of catch in the backyard or want to throw a holiday party under the stars, your turf lawn will be perfect for the job.

Matching Your Turf to Your Home's Outdoor Living Space

One of the best ways to elevate your home's exterior design is by matching your custom turf area to its style. By choosing a turf color and style that complements your home's exterior, you can create a unified look between your house and yard. This will not only make your home more aesthetically pleasing, but it will also help it to stand out from the rest.

If you're unsure of which color or style of turf to choose, don't worry. Our experts can help you find the perfect match for your home's front or backyard. We'll take into account your home's style, color palette, and even landscaping elements to create a design that is unique to you and your home.

So if you're looking to add some extra fun and functionality to your yard, consider artificial turf. With its many benefits and versatile design options, it's the perfect way to compliment your outstanding home.

Increasing Property Value and Curb Appeal with Outdoor Living Spaces

It's not just homeowners who are reaping the benefits of artificial turf. According to a study by the University of Southern California, installing synthetic grass can actually increase your property value by an average of 15%. And that's not all. The study also found that homes with artificial turf installed had a higher curb appeal than those without.

This means that not only will you be able to enjoy your outdoor living space all year round, but you'll also be able to enjoy the benefits of an increased property value! When entertaining your friends and neighbors, become the go-to venue in town with your pristine outdoor space!

Easy and Quick Installation

One of the best things about artificial turf is that it can be installed quickly and easily by our trained experts. With DelaTurf, you can have your beautiful new turf area up and running in no time. By moving quickly through installing thatch, base, and turf, DelaTurf's experts will install your high-end artificial turf quickly and easily, while setting you up for your and your lawn's success.

Save Time and Money on Maintenance and Upkeep

After any event, the dreaded clean-up is always the worst. With artificial turf, homeowners can make lawn care a breeze! Rather than worrying about the mess, you can simply use a rake, broom, or leaf blower to remove any debris, and get your lawn geared up for your next soiree!

With DelaTurf's durable and resistant synthetic turfs, it is easy and painless to remove any stains, spills, or dirt. In fact, you only need your garden hose to water turf down every few months and keep it looking clean and new. No more mowing, de-weeding, and maintaining your lawn. Not only will you be able to save time on post-event clean-up, but you'll also be able to save money on the cost of maintenance and upkeep over the long term.

DelaTurf: Creating Central Florida's Premier Outdoor Spaces since 2019

Installing artificial turf for your home or backyard is a great way to keep the party going all year long. Don't wait, our team here at DelaTurf can help you select the perfect grass and make sure it suits your home seamlessly. Not only will this increase your property value and enjoyment, but it will also be easy and quick to install. Give us a call today at 407-225-4288 to speak with an expert about turf for your home!

Looking to Make the Switch to Turf?


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