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Benefits and Advantages of a Custom Backyard Putting Green

When it comes to backyard design, there are a lot of options. You can have an outdoor kitchen with a grill and fire pit, or you could have your backyard turned into an entertainment area complete with a pool and hot tub.

One option that many people overlook is having artificial turf installed for their backyard putting green. If this sounds like something you're interested in, then keep reading! We'll discuss all the benefits of having one today, as well as how much it will cost to install on average.

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If you have been thinking about installing a backyard putting green in your backyard, now is a perfect time. There are many benefits and advantages of having one installed. Here is a highlight of some of the reasons why backyard-putting greens would be a great addition to your backyard!

Highlighted Benefits of a Custom Putting Green

  • They Can Be Used Year-Round

  • Access to Consistent Putting Practice

  • Great for Entertaining Friends and Family

  • Keeps the Kids Busy

  • Creates More Usable Space With a Custom Design

They Can Be Used Year-Round

People who have backyards with natural turf are constantly bothered by rain and wet or muddy conditions, but somebody has come up with a solution to this problem. Artificial grass put on top of the ground is an easy way for people to play golf all year long without worrying about their yard being covered in mud!

The first benefit of having a backyard putting green is that it can be used year-round as artificial turf doesn't get wet or muddy during rainy months as natural grass does. People who love playing golf will never need to worry again even if they live where there's unpredictable weather because even though weather happens naturally, these greens mean you don’t need to worry about mother nature anymore!

Access to Consistent Putting Practice

Having a backyard putting green is more than just an exclusive golfing experience, it's also an opportunity to improve your game. It provides you with 24/7 access to work on aspects of your short game such as general feel and touch for putts that are near the hole, or putts that are within 30 feet from where you're standing. If getting better at golf short game sounds appealing then maybe it's time to seriously consider installing one in your own home.

Just think in months, you could be the best putter in the neighborhood. Next thing you know, you'll be carrying around your PGA tour card all because you decided to take the next step of getting a custom synthetic turf putting green in your backyard from DelaTurf.

The benefits of having a backyard putting green go beyond being able to practice all day long - they provide opportunities for personal improvement, too! No matter how much time or what kind of level golfer you may be now; there is always time to work towards being our best possible selves.

Great For Entertaining Friends and Family

The third benefit or advantage of having a backyard synthetic putting green is that it creates a great entertainment option for friends and family when they come over to the house. This is one of the biggest advantages of having a private and custom-built putting green. Having your own synthetic grass installed allows for an inviting environment where people can relax and enjoy themselves, with no worries about noise, traffic, or other outsiders getting in the way!

Keeps the Kids Busy

The fourth advantage to owning a lawn putt-putt course in one's back yard is keeping children entertained when they're bored - something all parents know too well! With this option you'll give your little ones more than just somewhere to play on their own—you'll introduce them early into what could be their favorite pastime as adults: golfing!

Creates More Usable Space With a Custom Design

The last benefit of backyard putting greens that we are discussing today is that they create more usable space with a completely custom design. The custom design can tailor your space for anything from family gatherings to games with friends and neighbors, all while adding an element of sophistication to any yard. If there is a specific look you are after, please let us know.

Why Choose DelaTurf

The design possibilities for your custom artificial grass putting are truly endless. DelaTurf has crafted dozens of synthetic turf putting greens for the Central Florida Community - let us transform a section of your backyard into the custom artificial putting green of your dreams.

The benefits of custom putting greens are great for golfers at any level and can be used year-round. Putting practice is one of the most important skills in golf, so having access to consistent practicing opportunities is key. Plus, it’s much more fun than hitting balls on your local driving range! Whether you want to get better or just have some family time with friends while keeping the kids busy, installing an artificial turf putting green could be perfect for you.

DelaTurf also offers customized designs that will make your backyard look beautifully manicured without all the work. Contact us today to find out how we can help create a space that will bring joy into your life every day by helping you play like a pro-PGA tour golfer!

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